Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre

Our Childcare Centre Philosophy

The Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre aims to provide a warm, friendly, caring and safe environment in which children are given the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually through interaction with staff and peers. The centre is a child based and our educational programs will provide and reflect the multi-cultural nature of society, this includes implementing an anti-bias curriculum in the rooms where all children are treated equally regardless of race, gender, culture, ability, socio-economic background and beliefs.

We acknowledge each child is unique and develop at various paces, levels and stages. We understand children have individual strengths, weaknesses and interests. The staff will assist in scaffolding children’s growth and learning through one on one interactions and experiences. We believe that by educating the children to make good choices in all areas of their play, and healthy choices when teaching children about healthy lifestyles is a valuable part of their learning whilst in these early years. We believe as carer’s, education and role models, promoting each child’s individuality, positive self-esteem and feelings of self worth is of paramount learning and life. We recognise that parents are the principle influence in their child’s life and therefore we strive to develop close links with the home and parents so we can support and compliment each other in the important role of nurturing children through the early childhood years.


Our Values and Goals

  • Each child is valued and respected as an individual
  • To extend and develop each child’s skills, knowledge and interests through successful experiences which encourage the development of a healthy self-concept and positive self-esteem
  • To encourage social development so each child learns to interact successfully in a variety of situations
  • To be sensitive and respectful of varied cultural and religious practices
  • To provide an environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to their individual needs
  • To provide a warm, nurturing and safe environment that encourages the development of the whole child
  • To be a support to all families in all aspects of each child’s development
  • To provide qualified, experienced and caring staff to meet the needs of all children in our care
  • Equality of access

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