Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre

Maree – Childcare Centre Manager

Maree holds her Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. Maree has 20+ years experience within the childcare industry working closely with children of all ages providing high quality care. Maree’s gratification and enthusiasm within the childcare sector has provided her passion to continually discover and expand her skills enabling Maree to move up through the roles of Assistant, Group Leader, 2IC, to her role as Centre Manager.

Maree believes that all children are individuals and exceptional who deserve to be given an equal opportunity to develop their skills in a nurturing, caring and loving environment where they can feel secure and safe. This allows the children to form a strong self-esteem for their future learning expansion and development. Maree ensures that each and every family presence at Maryborough central Early Learning Centre and feels extremely relaxed and confident with the care in which we provide her at the centre.

As Centre Manager at Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre Maree encourages parent involvement and participation, as well as encouraging participation and involvement from the local community.