Day Care at Maryborough Central Early Learning Provides

  • High quality, affordable care for children aged 15 months -6 years
  • Qualified, Professional and Friendly Staff
  • Purpose Built, Modern Centre, fully air conditioned
  • Hats for when children are playing in our wonderful child focused outdoor area
  • Emergent Curriculum Programs for All Ages
  • Computers for advanced learning in the Pre-Prep rooms
  • Fully Air-conditioned


Extra Activities

Letterland – Successfully teaching your child to read and write

Letterland is a unique, phonics based approach to teaching, reading, writing and spelling for 3-8 year olds. Letterland provides a link between letter sounds and letter shapes.

At Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre we believe it is essential that our preschool children are given a solid foundation in phonics before moving to primary school. Letterland helps to build this foundation in a unique play based way.

Your preschool child has free access to computers at Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre. This well established and successful system will help teach your child

  • To listen and use spoken language
  • Explore and experiment with language
  • Sustain attentive listening and respond to what they have heard
  • Extend their vocabulary and explore the meaning of sounds and new words
  • Hear and say initial sounds and words
  • Link sounds to letters, name sounds and letters of the alphabet
  • Know that print carries meaning and is read from left to right


The children at Maryborough Central Early Learning Centre also participate in a variety of different yoga positions which helps calm and relax the children from their busy morning of fun activities and games.